GWT 2.7 Beta 1 is released

GWT Steering Community made #GWT #2.7 beta available to the world. Interested Devs, Please try it out and give your feedback to the contributors and list the bugs in issue tracker. GWT 2.7 SDK is available in the maven central repo - or can download from file storage. Take a look into it :)

Main features are

  • Incremental Compilation
  • GSS

Incremental compilation is made as default mode and combined with the SDM. GWT will gonna reach whole new level. Thank you to all contributors, supporters and sponsors for your effort. 

PWT - Powerful GWT - A new GWT framework was released. It provides features

1) Implementation Twitter Bootstrap, responsiveness comes handy.

2) DataBindings - are made easy for dynamic forms and tables.

3) Navigation - MVP Implementation and code spitting happens hiddenly.

4) No Additional JS isn’t required for security purpose.

Need to do test drive this framework and I will give my detail review about it.

Anonymous asked:

Hi, the logo you are using is the logo of the GWTcreate conference and as such the copyright of Vaadin. However, what you are doing for the GWT community is very awesome and the content I read through looks very good! So my humble thank you for doing this work. Do you think it would be possible to use the gwtproject logo instead? As a side note: Would you be interested in attending GWTcreate - I can get you a free ticket to the conference as a thank you? Email me at freduATvaadinDOTcom :)


               Update the logo and I am very much interested in attending the conference. Thank you so much for the kind gesture :)